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Foundation de LuiaardVrouwe was founded on May 12, 1989 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, to bring to life the artistic thoughts and ideas of Patrizia Filia. Her work is the heart and soul of the foundation. In the multiple roles of director, writer and artistic leader, she is able to give her artistic views form and brings these forth in her theatre productions.

Her view of her fellow human beings can be considered as religious humanist: when hardships threaten to overwhelm us, ultimately one must look to oneself.

The underlying currents in the performances of Patrizia Filia are fraught with human loneliness, so ingrained, combined with the desire to expose the hidden and participate in the eternal and infinite.

Practically speaking, her starting point is in her theatre productions, which embody this human loneliness, which give displaced people of various cultures a voice, which try to reconcile our lot in life with expression in theatre. Her performances are almost always sober and true. Intense is how the public and the press describe her work.

The mission of the foundation is:

“To exist to be able to realize the artistic ideas of Patrizia Filia and others appointed by her”

President: Arny Beem
Treasurer: Yvonne van den Berg
Secretary: Dana Gooijer
Artistic Leadership: Patrizia Filia

Foundation de LuiaardVrouwe was closed on December 31, 2020

Patrizia Filia
Patrizia Filia

Choreografic movements of "Nughe"
(Patrizia Filia)


The movements are slow but deliberate.
The sloth lives in the rainforests of Central and South America. Using its limbs and hook-like claws it hangs from branches. He moves from branch to branch slowly but with purpose. The leaves on the branches are eaten in the same slow but deliberate manner. A mark of the foundation “de LuiaardVrouwe” is this slow but resolute movement forward.


  Foundation de LuiaardVrouwe
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De Luiaard/The Sloth