Productions - Medea


“The children are sleeping. The man, with his back against the mast, looked at me searchingly.
I looked at the point from which we departed.
Is he dead? Asked he suddenly.
No, not yet, I answered. That will come, slowly, the paralysis will slowly kill him, and then he will break… that will be the end.
Why? Asked he.
Because he has asked me, I said.
Because you were fed up with his wrinkles and I therefore have pulled, cut, turned back time, all that which time has used up with his body.
He wanted to rejuvenate, I have rejuvenated him… A smooth skin like a baby, all over.
He said: you frighten me, Medea.
Yes, I frighten myself, Jason… but forget it, don’t think about it, sleep well.
He fell asleep, seeking comfort in the arms of the children.”

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Photograph: Theun Okkerse
Mabel González as Medea
  Photograph: Patrizia Schiozzi
Silvia Terribili as Medea