Productions - Holder


“Take a good look at me: do I look like an old fool? Well, forget it! I am ageless. I am the poet. We, you and I - down here - by the sea. Nothing but a vast blue mass of water, crisp blue, empty, forgotten. And the sky above it as vast and empty. Sea and sky kissed by a beam of moonlight… An impulse: to immerse myself in it, to surround myself under your eyes with ethereal tenderness. And secondly: to penetrate that by a shaft of lightning, to split that open. Which impulse shall overpower me. To know, I only need to complete a gesture, to initiate a step, to go.
To again walk the parabola…
And I go, I depart now. I walk and the ground responds to my walking, the leaves rustle again.”

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Foto:  Ad Molendijk
Play: Joop Keesmaat