Curriculum Vitae of Patrizia Filia



Born in Saint Jean de Maurienne, France of parents from Sardinia, Italy



Study of dance
School for contemporary dans, Bella Hutter, under tutelage of Anna Sagna, Torino, Italy (Classic, Jazz, Graham method and Expressions of body)

Rhythm technique with Dominique Laurent
Voice technique with Ulla Alasjarvi
Cunningham technique with Roberta Escamilla Garrison
Kathadance with Sunayanta
Movement in theater with Lindsay Kemp



Come cio che esiste qui (Like something that exists here)
Choreography for 5 dancers
Music: Toni Palmieri
Torino, Italy



Idea per un film del silenzio: Isabel (Idea for a film about silence: Isabel)
Published at Nuovi Autori, Milano

Choreography for 12 dancers
Music by Mikis Theodorakis
Torino, Italy

L’Esposizione di Rosa (Rosa’s exhibition)
Direction of 5 actors and one photographer
Script by Gertrud Stein and Pier Paolo Pasolini
Torino, Italy

Donne (Women)
Filmmaker: Tonino De Bernardi
Torino, Italy

Canto d’Amore (Lovesong)
Choreography for 2 dancers
Music of Xenakis, Braxton, Petrassi
Script: Rubina Giorgi



La lunga Marcia intorno ad un Covone di Fieno (The long march around the haystack)
Actress with theatre group Il Gran Badò
Script: Bruno Del Greco
Torino, Italy



Nughe (Walnuts)
Direction and Solo
The Netherlands, Berlin and Torino

Un Travestito da Rosa (A travesty as Rose)
Published at Nuovi Autori, Milano, Italy



Onk Hotel II en Er zijn nog twaalf Wachtenden voor U
(Hotel Onk II and There are 12 waiting before you)
Direction assistant for Will Spoor
Production: Inccoprodinc
The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England



Concept, Direction and play
Play: Will Spoor, Jimi D. Voce, Beppe Costa, Donald van der Maaten, Onno Romeijn, Peter Lemmens.
Script: Barbara Spielmann
Music: Beppe Costa
Production: Inccoprodinc
The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Athens (Greece)



Video take for Fabienne de Quasa Riera, multi media artist
Paris, Amsterdam



Chicken with Madness
Script and play by Donald Gardner
The Netherlands, London, New York



The Smile - Diary of a stage manager
Translation: Donald Gardner and Simonetta Ronconi
Published in English by Foundation Inccoprodinc, Amsterdam

Birth of son: Alessandro Vermeulen



Establishment of the Foundation de LuiaardVrouwe
May 12, 1989 in Dordrecht

Antifona (Antiphon)
Adaptation for 5 female voices of the third act of the script for theatre of The Antiphon of Djuna Barnes, Dordrecht



Synchronization of Italian voices in the film by Erwin Olaf



Script and Direction
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Play: Tineke Adeney and Arie van Pelt

Lucia, Lucia Semprem
Direction and Adaptation
Based on the novella ‘Eethuis Garibaldi’ by Ana Sebastian
Play: Mabel Gonzales
Production: Foundation Uno
The Netherlands



De Joodse Vrouw
(The Jewish Woman)
Author: Bertold Brecht
Translation: Anna Pool
Play: Yvonne van Alten and Henk Boer

Script and Direction
Based on the life of poet Friedrich Hölderling
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Play: Joop Keesmaat
Music: Richard Munson
Music play: Nurit Tilles
Décor: Hans Kop Jansen
Image of Suzette Gontard: Damiët van Dalsum
The Netherlands



De Winterbruiloft 
(The Winterwedding)
Script and Direction
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Play: Peter Marijnissen, Nico Okkerse, Marcel de Jong, Frits Baarda, Rob Klaassen
Music and play: Peter Marijnissen

Noir du Pinceau
Libretto based on a composition of Marlies du Mosch for the production: Duet, Duet to describe the life of Arij Scheffer



Medea, in Dutch
Script and Direction
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Play: Mabel Gonzales
Music and play: Eduardo Leandro
The Netherlands, Belgium



Medea, in English
Translation: Erica Bilder and Stuart Pyle
Direction: Erica Bilder
Play: Mik Michele
Music and play: Stuart Pyle
Production: The Lippincot Players of New York
Assos (Turkey) New York, Italy

Published in 6 languages Dutch, English, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French
Published by La Maga Amsterdam Publishers



Jehanne, in Dutch
Script and Direction, based on the person that was Jeanne d’Arc
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Play Erica Bilder
Sound: Stuart Pyle
Décor: Stefano Odoardi
Co-produced with The Lippincot Players of New York and La Mama Theatre

Medea in Turkish
Translation: Ozgür Uçkan
Direction: Selçik Güricik
Play: Sema Keçik and Hüseyin Katircioglu



Saffo (Sapfo)
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen and Klaas Bruinsma

Jehanne in Italian
Translation: by author
Play: Erica Bilder
Music: La Camerata Anxanum
Production: The Lippincot Players of New York
Lanciano (Italy)



Nudo (Nude)
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen

Afrika (Africa)
Script and Direction
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Choreography and Dance: Catarina Palma
Choreography advisor: Bruno Listopad
Music: Harry de Wit
Music play and voice: Willem Brink
Translation and Voice Kimbundu: Manuel Bento
The Netherlands



Il Mare en Lettera Postuma (The Sea and The Letter Posthumous)
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen



Medea, in Italian
Translated by author
Direction: Lelio Lecis
Play: Alice Capitaneo, Elisabetta Podda
Cagliari, Italy

Le livre à disparaitre
(The book that had to disappear)
Adaptation from “Cet Amour’la” of YA

Krapp’s Last Tape in English
Author: Samuel Beckett
Play: Will Spoor
Décor and video: Stefano Odoardi
The Netherlands

Stille Dag in Tanger (Quiet Day in Tangier) in Dutch
Adaptation and Direction of Jour de Silence a Tanger of Tahar Ben Jelloun
Translation Robert H.Vermeulen
Play: Mahjoub Benmoussa
Décor and Video: Stefano Odoardi
Co-produced with the Ro Theater



Yaoum Samit fi Tanja, in Marrocan (from the Quiet Day in Tangier)
Adaptation and Direction
Direction assistant: Chaouki El Ofir
Translation: Najib Taoujni
Play: Mahjoub Benmoussa
Décor and Video : Stefano Odoardi
Co-Produced with Theater Zuidplein



Jehanne, in French
Script and Direction
Play: Julie Thérond
Music and play: Daniel Cross
Villes Johanniques, France

Jehanne in Dutch
Translation : Robert H.Vermeulen
Play : Pascale Casseyas
Direction: Damien Van Wambeke
Production: Theater VTV
Ronse, Belgium



De Zee (The Sea)
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Play: Lineke Rijxman, Roeland Fernhout, Diede Zillinger Molenaar
Reading concerning the tamtam/Theater Group Amsterdam takes over the Schouwburg

Ik, mijn Rozentuin (I, my rosegarden)
Author: Birgitta Hacham
Play: Birgitta Hacham and Samya Boualam
Mandated by Amsterdam Centre for Foreigners
Production: Arpeggio
The Netherlands


Medea, in Italian
Script and direction
Translation by author
Play: Silvia Terribili
Co-produced with Quelli di Astaroth

Het Eiland (The Island)
Translation: Jehanne Hulsman

2006 Medea in Dutch
Translation: Robert H.Vermeulen
Play: Silvia Terribili
Co-produced with Quelli di Astaroth
The Netherlands

Het Eiland
Script and direction
From “Insulinde’s dochter” by Merapi Obermayer
Translation: Jehanne Hulsman
Play: Tatiana Radier, Lottie de Bruin, Michael Driebeek van der Ven

De Hel
Direction reading and artistic direction manifestation
Autheur: Dante Alighieri
Translation: Jacques Janssen
Readers: Frans van der Poort, Arthur Beem,
Michiel van Mourik Broekman, Henk Noorland, Anne Beek, Kees Voorbij,
Rien de Jong, Bert Verschoor, Joep Eikenboom, Wim Brandhorst,
Gert-Jan Egberts, Arnold Renkema, Jehanne Hulsman en Joop Keesmaat
Muziek: Schola Cantorum Karolus Magnus en organist Ton Bertrand
Exposition:Juke Hudig
Lectures: Jacques Janssen
Opening manifestation: Ton Delemarre
Singing at the opening: Anne-Nies Keur
Composition opening: Musica Officinalis, libretto from the Paradise


Medea Italian version
Script and directione
Play: Silvia Terribili
Coproduction: Quelli di Astaroth

Alice in Wonderland
Adaptation, direction reading Alice in Wonderland and artistic direction manifestation
Author: Lewis Carroll
Translation: Sofia Engelsman
Composition/play reading and opening: Peter Marijnissen
Readers Alice in Wonderland: Lottie de Bruin, Joep Eikenboom, Frans van der Poort, Henny Roelofs, Gert-Jan Egberts, Henk Noorland, Glenn de Grebber, Margreet Karres, Jehanne Hulsman, Francis de Visser, Anne Beek, Arthur Beem en Peter Marijnissen
Exposition: Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Reading for children: Evelien Holster
Opening manifestation: Jan Lagendijk en Elly Stegeman
Singing at the opening: Lottie de Bruin

Mijn allerliefste
Script and direction
Translation: Robert H. Vermeulen
Play: Lottie de Bruin


Medea - Looking for Medea
Play: Niki, Mihaila, Natascha, Ingeborg, Marit
Direction: Bob van der Leij
Production: Pleincollege Sint Joris, Eindhoven
Link Jongeren theaterfestival Brabant

Aan de Lange Weg - Radio play in the Drechtsteden
Adaptation and direction
Author: Meurs A.M.
Sound composition: Serge Aanstoot
Song 'Het staat er nog': Billy Hoyer
Music play:Joep Eikenboom & Snowflake
Voices Dordrecht: Rineke Koek, Margreet Karres, Tineke Adeney, Yvonne van den Berg, Henny Roelofs, Lottie de Bruin, Arny Beem, Henk Noorland, Ton Vreeken, Dana Gooijer, Francis de Visser, Arthur Beem, Gert-Jan Egberts, Anne Beek, Joep Eikenboom
Voices Papendrecht: Ellen Nardten, Joost Hogervorst, Jacqueline Goort, Willy Zijlmans, Dorethy Reichwein, Ester Hogervorst, Piet van de Merwe, Peter Weeting
Stemmen Zwijndrecht: Gerrie den Breejen, Agnes Freijsen, Felix Heijnen, Brela Dudok, Mies van der Meiracker, Herman Freijsen, Gerard van Heel
Voices Sliedrecht: Joke van Bennekum, Henk van Bennekum, Gerrit Venis, Wim Blanken, Jenny Guis, Wim Muis, Nel Muildijk, Riet Wieman
Voices Alblasserdam: Marianne Borsje, Angeniet van Es, Gré Baas, Corrie Gort, Dirk Johan de Wit
Voices Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht: Siebe de Waard, Marjolein Spek, Huib Spek, Nico de Rooy, Corrie Nugteren, Wim Moesman Nederland

2011 Medea, in Spanish
Script Translation: Mabel González
Play: Claudia Rossi
Direction: Elena Zuasti
Production: M by Miranda
Montevideo (Uruguay)

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